Another blinder from the master – set your lasers to kill!


Banging track from Woz, and its available for free here!

check it out.

I just discovered Carousel through a recommendation on SoundCloud and a pleasant surprise it was! They’re awesome synth / guitar / pop / insert-genre-here music. Basically good time synth pop with a good layer of guitar thrown in. I’ve posted a couple of my faves below – but be sure to check out all their tracks.

Another stellar release on Electronic Rumours label this track from Beaumont comes with a raft of remixes, the best of which is by ever hot producer Clancy. It treads that fine line between nu-disco / house and that 90s sound. But it’s got some awesome keys in it – so I’m happy!

The 80s are well and truely still alive with this remix. It’s all Moroder and Kavinsky inspired stuff. Right up my street. Great work fromĀ Brioski.